Amsterdam1870 - 1963

The story of Janus Vaten begins in 1870, when Hendricus Cornelis Janus starts his own cooperage close to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The founder of Janus Vaten is a visionary, a craftsman and, more than that, a businessman.

The Zaanstreek, Holland’s first big industrial zone, is an important market with its oil and grease factories. After relocating to Omval, a spit of land in the Amstel, his second son, Antonius Johannes, takes over the business. He has halls built, makes the transition from covered barges to transport using trailers, and takes on more people. The cooperage is developing in all areas, and expands to become one of the biggest in the country.

  • In 1948 the third generation of Janus’ takes the helm
  • Hendricus Wilhelmus Janus relocates the business to the Duivendrechtsekade
  • Transitioning from wooden drums to steel

Geschiedenis van Janus Vaten
Geschiedenis transport

Gorinchem1963 - 1977

In 1963, Janus Vaten leaves Amsterdam to set up base in Gorinchem. This is a strategic choice to move to a central location between Rotterdam, the Ruhrgebiet and Antwerp, because this is where the clients are.

Vroeger Janus vaten
Vroeger de transport

In the 1960s, the general public and governments become increasingly environmentally conscious. Janus Vaten immediately begins building a water treatment plan here, and paving over the site. Over the ensuing years, stringent environmental requirements will ensure the industry is cleaned up. Automation of the production process is another striking development. Brothers Henk and Frits Janus make sure that the production hall is equipped with modern machinery and a washing and drying unit.

  • The period in Gorinchem is all about growth
  • The chemical industry is evolving, oil companies are doing well, as are pharmaceuticals and food
  • The plot of land in Oosterhout enters the picture

Oosterhout1977 - Present

The move to Oosterhout opens up lots of opportunities for Janus Vaten. After the official opening in 1978, the firm expands each year. By the start of the 1990s, Janus Vaten has seven big storage and production halls for reconditioning steel open top and tight head drums, with a special department for the fruit juice industry.

By establishing a joint venture with American packaging giant Mauser in 2006, Janus Vaten also acquires a strong position in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). A number of other key decisions are made. In 2010, the company starts maintaining its own trailers. In 2012 it begins producing new drums. Three years later, Janus Vaten opens a warehouse, and a total concept of reconditioning, in-house production, transport and warehousing emerges.

  • Fifth generation at the helm
  • A second joint venture with Mauser
  • Sights set on sustainability, customization and international expansion

Bedrijf van boven
Laden & Lossen lege vaten en containers Janus Vaten

France2014 - Present

International cooperation

To serve clients even better, Janus Vaten looks beyond national borders and seeks to cooperate with parties who add value to the company’s product range. Janus Vaten’s international aspirations are reflected by 2 new joint ventures with American packaging giant, Mauser.

Opslag IBC containers
Medewerkers Janus Vaten

With these joint ventures, NCG France North and South, Janus Vaten has made a big leap forward and established its name in the market for IBCs in Europe.

  • 3 Joint ventures with Mauser Packaging Solutions
  • 1 branch in the Benelux and 2 in France
  • New building in 2021
Productiemedewerker vacature

150 years ofJanus Vaten

Janus Vaten is a successful family business spanning five generations. It all started in Amsterdam with the repair of wooden drums. Now, 150 years later, it has become a company with multiple locations spread across 20 countries.

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