Lithographed drums

Looking for lithographed drums? Janus Vaten would be delighted to supply them to your company. Lithographed drums are used primarily as an appealing marketing instrument or for industrial packaging. These advertising drums are finished with a full colour design, which bolsters the image of the brand. Lithographed drums are very suitable for the storage of various liquids or other substances. At the same time, these drums serve as advertising if they bear your company name or logo.

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Gelithografeerde vaten
Gelithografeerde vaten

Full colour design on drums

Would you like a full colour design on the metal drums? Then you have come to the right place by coming to Janus Vaten. If you require a great deal of storage and use our industrial packaging for this, it can be worthwhile to equip them with your own design, corporate logo, or name. The oil drums are guaranteed to be an eye catcher! We would be delighted to offer input for your situation and we always offer custom solutions. Including if you want to use the drums as a marketing tool or for another application.


Want to buy lithographed drums?

You can buy different lithographed drums from Janus Vaten quickly and easily. View the options below. We supply various types for different industries.

Contents (L) Opening (“) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Condition
60 L 2″ & “3/4 583 380 New
216,5 L 2″ & “3/4 882 571 New

Janus Vaten’s total conceptJanus Vaten

Not only is Janus Vaten a producer of salvage drums. We are actively involved in the entire lifecycle of the drums. We believe the reuse of the drums and tanks is important. We can therefore also assist with the collection of packaging. We can collect your full drums or tanks and deliver empty drums or tanks at the same time. We are also responsible for recycling of the packaging at the end of the lifecycle, so that new packaging can be developed. Because we handle transport and production inhouse, we are able to deliver flexible, creative and fast customisation.

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