Salvage drums

Do you need salvage drums for the temporary storage of goods or liquids? Then you have come to the right place by coming to Janus Vaten. We have been supplying high quality salvage drums for various industries for five generations. In addition to our standard industrial packaging, we also focus on the optimisation of products and processes.

Would you like more information about these custom salvage drums? Then contact the specialists at Janus Vaten. We would be delighted to provide you with further assistance.

Stalen dekselvaten

Salvage drum applications

We supply salvage drums directly from our own stock. The steel or plastic salvage drums are resistant to various chemicals and are leak-proof. The drums are equipped with a lid which is easy to secure.


Buy salvage drums

You can buy different salvage drums from Janus Vaten quickly and easily. View the options below. We supply various types for different industries.

Contents (L) Opening (“) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Condition
322 L 990 660 steel New
360 L 1050 660 plastic New

Janus Vaten’s total conceptJanus Vaten

Not only is Janus Vaten a producer of salvage drums. We are actively involved in the entire lifecycle of the drums. We believe the reuse of the drums and tanks is important. We can therefore also assist with the collection of packaging. We can collect your full drums or tanks and deliver empty drums or tanks at the same time. We are also responsible for recycling of the packaging at the end of the lifecycle, so that new packaging can be developed. Because we handle transport and production inhouse, we are able to deliver flexible, creative and fast customisation.

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