Who/what is Janus Vaten?

Janus Vaten is a successful family-run company spanning five generations. We specialise in the entire lifecycle of industrial packaging. We are responsible for the production, reconditioning and recycling of the drums and IBCs in this lifecycle. All packaging is redesigned in such a way that it is suitable for high-quality reuse and can eventually be recycled sustainably. Janus Vaten continually optimises this process in collaboration with its partners.

What does Janus Vaten’s total concept comprise?

Janus Vaten’s total concept comprises the production, reconditioning and recycling of industrial packaging. Janus Vaten handles both the production and logistics inhouse. In addition, Janus Vaten has its own storage facility, which enables us to deliver your packaging quickly, with a high level of flexibility.

What is Janus Vaten doing in terms of the sustainability of its products?

Janus Vaten strives for sustainability of its processes and products, as well as its client relationships. We believe the recycling and reuse of industrial packaging is important. In addition, one of the challenges is to carry out all processes with the lowest possible energy consumption, a minimum amount of residual waste, and as few air and water emissions as possible. To further reduce carbon footprint, we use solar panels to supply green electricity for our production processes. We are also involved in optimal metal and plastic recycling. Are you curious about the environmental footprint of your drums and by how much you can reduce it? Use the CO2 calculator to find out for yourself.

What is reconditioning?

Reconditioning concerns the reuse of products. Janus Vaten uses the latest techniques to thoroughly and chemically clean, repair and assemble the industrial packaging. The metal drums can be used again thanks to reconditioning.

What is an IBC?

An IBC container is industrial packaging that usually consists of a plastic tank surrounded by a steel frame. Janus Vaten’s IBCs consist of galvanised steel and the inner tank is made of HDPE. In addition, the IBCs are FSSC22000-certified. In addition to large volumes of liquid, you can also transport hazardous substances in these plastic tanks. Whatever your situation, Janus Vaten’s IBCs always offer a customised solution.

What is a steel tight-head drum?

A steel drum for liquids is also known as a tight-head drum. The drums have no lids, but are equipped with two caps. These caps are used to funnel liquids in or out. These types of drums are exceptionally suitable as floats, ballast, or naturally, for the storage of various liquids. Read more about our steel tight-head drums.

What is a steel open-head drum?

A steel open-head drum is a steel drum with a removable lid. The various steel open-head drums are used primarily for the storage and transport of chemical and oil products. Read more about our steel open-head drums.

What is a plastic tight-head drum?

Like the steel variant, a plastic drum for liquids is called a tight-head drum. The drums have two caps on top. These caps can be used to funnel liquids in or out. These types of drums are exceptionally suitable as floats, ballast, or naturally, for the storage of various liquids. Read more about our plastic tight-head drums.

What is a plastic open-head drum?

A plastic open-head drum is a plastic drum with a removable lid. This could be a clamping ring or a screw lid. No matter which you choose, both are multifunctional and versatile. The drums are used for the storage of raw materials, foodstuffs, or other solids. Read more about our plastic open-head drums.

What is a lithographed drum?

A lithographed drum is a metal or plastic drum that is primarily used as an appealing marketing instrument or industrial packaging. These advertising drums are finished with a full colour design, which bolsters the image of the brand. You can also use the drums for the storage of various liquids or other substances. Read more about our lithographed drums.

What is a salvage drum?

Salvage drums are the best solution for the quick storage and transport of various liquids or solids. We supply them directly from our own stock. The steel or plastic drums are resistant to various chemicals and are leak-proof. The drums are equipped with a lid which is easy to secure. Read more about our salvage drums.

For which applications does Janus Vaten supply the various drums?

We supply the appropriate metal or plastic drums for various applications. For example, the transportation of hazardous substances and the storage of solids or liquids. We are also happy to assist with the collection of empty packaging. We have various clients in different sectors to whom we provide our service.

What does the lifecycle of industrial packaging look like?

The various industrial packaging is produced in the first phase. The industrial packaging is then delivered to the client. We are happy to collect the drums again after use. We are able to facilitate reuse of the drums using proven techniques. At the end of the cycle, the drums are recycled and the raw materials used to make new industrial packaging.

What should I do with my empty drums?

We can collect your used packaging via a collection system. For example: jerrycans, plastic drums, metal drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). A high proportion of your used packaging can be used again after reconditioning. We contribute to the reduction of CO2 consumption through the reuse of packaging.

By how much can I reduce my CO2 emissions?

What is the ecological footprint of your barrels? This EcoFactsheet will present you with the carbon footprint of your drum order. We offer you the chance to reduce the carbon impact of your order through drum reconditioning. By raising awareness of current CO2 emissions and the possibilities to reduce this, we can make a difference together. Use the calculator on our website.