Steel open-head drums

Looking for steel open-head drums? Then you have come to the right place by coming to Janus Vaten. We have been supplying high-quality steel open-head drums for over five generations. These steel drums are used primarily as reliable industrial packaging in various industries. For example, the chemical and oil industry. The open-head drums are also used for storage in the transport sector. You can find various types of steel open-head drums at Janus Vaten. Would you like to know which types of metal drums are most suitable for your situation? Our specialists would be delighted to provide you with further information. Contact us for further assistance.

Stalen dekselvaten
Stalen dekselvat

Steel open-head drum applications

The various steel open-head drums are used primarily for the storage and transport of chemical and oil products. Aspects such as safety, quality and reliability are incredibly important. The drums are available from 60 litres to 250 litres. All steel open-head drums are equipped with a removable lid that you can seal with a clamping ring. We can also provide the open-head drums with a UN hallmark.



You can find various types of industrial packaging in the Janus Vaten range. Each type of steel open-head drum is available in various sizes and types. View the range of steel open-head drums below.

Contents (L) Opening (“) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Condition
60 L Optional 555 380 New
100 L Optional 665 450 New
210 L Optional 872 571 New & Reconditioned
230 L Optional 942 571 New
250 L Optional 1002 571 New

Janus Vaten’s total conceptJanus Vaten

Not only is Janus Vaten a producer of salvage drums, the team is actively involved in the entire lifecycle of the drums. We believe the reuse of packaging is important. We can therefore also assist with the collection of packaging. We have a separate production hall for the reconditioning of steel drums. We are also responsible for recycling of the packaging at the end of the lifecycle, so that new steel open-head drums can be developed. Because we handle transport and production inhouse, we are able to deliver flexible, creative and fast customisation.

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