Plastic open-head drums

Need plastic open-head drums? Then Janus Vaten is the supplier you are looking for. We have been supplying high quality plastic open-head drums for five generations. These plastic open-head drums are used primarily as reliable industrial packaging in different sectors. For example, the chemical and oil industries. The open-head drums are also used for storage in the transport sector. Janus Vaten supplies various types of plastic drums with clamping rings. Would you like more information about our plastic open-head drums or other plastic drums? Our specialists would be delighted to provide you with further information. Contact us for further assistance.

kunststof dekselvat
kunststof dekselvat

Want to buy plastic open-head drums?

You can order or buy two different types of plastic open-head drums from Janus Vaten, namely drums with clamp lids or screw lids. No matter which you choose, both are multifunctional and versatile. The drums are used for the storage of raw materials, foodstuffs, or other solids.


Plastic drums with clamp lids

The plastic drums with clamp lids are available from 30L to 220L. The drums are easy to seal thanks to the removable lid and galvanised clamping ring. You can therefore be sure the drums are 100% leak-proof. In addition, the plastic drums are easy to carry thanks to the handles on the sides. View the dimensions and types we can supply below.

Contents (L) Opening (“) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Condition
30 L Optional 508 316 New / Reconditioned
60 L Optional 625 398 New / Reconditioned
120 L Optional 793 495 New / Reconditioned
220 L Optional 974 592 New / Reconditioned

Janus Vaten’s total conceptJanus Vaten

Not only is Janus Vaten a producer of salvage drums. We are actively involved in the entire lifecycle of the drums. We believe the reuse of the drums and tanks is important. We can therefore also assist with the collection of packaging. We can collect your full drums or tanks and deliver empty drums or tanks at the same time. We are also responsible for recycling of the packaging at the end of the lifecycle, so that new packaging can be developed. Because we handle transport and production inhouse, we are able to deliver flexible, creative and fast customisation.

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