Family company

Janus Vaten is a successful family business spanning five generations. It all started in Amsterdam with the repair of wooden drums. Now, 150 years later, it has become a company with multiple locations spread across 20 countries. Our clients are active in sectors such as the petrochemical industry and food industry. The Janus Vaten total concept encompasses the complete life cycle of industrial packaging. This packaging has been designed in such a way that it delivers a high quality of reuse and can ultimately be recycled sustainably. Together with our partners, Janus Vaten continues to optimize this process. Let’s go green!



With a team of motivated people, we strive to be the best in terms of quality, flexibility, and reliability, to provide our clients with an unrivalled service.

The corporate culture at Janus Vaten is defined by a good working climate and a sense of cohesion. Motivated personnel work together as a team, in a safe environment that fosters responsibility, communication, recognition, and process ownership.


As a family company, we know better than anyone how important it is to work together. We’ve been doing this for 150 years, with a great deal of passion and commitment. Together with our employees, partners and suppliers, we strive to bring enthusiasm to our work, each and every day, for the benefit of our clients. We learn daily from and with each other, whether that’s improving production processes or translating a client’s specific requirements into new products. We do all of this with a smile, because we are totally committed to what we do.

Milieu en duurzaamheid

Focus on acommitment tosustainability

Janus Vaten is committed to making its processes and products more sustainable and invests in lasting relationships with its partners and clients. One of the challenges is to carry out all processes with the lowest possible energy consumption, the minimum amount of residual waste, and the least possible air and water emissions. To further reduce carbon footprint, we use solar panels to supply green electricity for our production processes.


Bespoke logistics solutions

As Janus Vaten handles transport, production and warehousing, it is able to operate flexibly, creatively and fast, and deliver definitive, customised products.

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  • Our own logistics centre

Packaging advice

With more than 150 years of experience, Janus Vaten is able to provide professional packaging advice for both new and reconditioned packaging.


Janus Vaten has its own 10,000m2 warehouse, enabling us to deliver your packaging fast, with a high degree of flexibility.

Mauser (NCG Benelux & NCG France)

Mauser Packaging Solutions is a global leader in solutions and services across the packaging lifecycle, providing large and small metal, plastic, fiber and hybrid packaging worldwide to companies in industries from food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceuticals to chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and paints. Formed in 2018 by BWAY, MAUSER Group, NCG and ICS, the company brings its customers true sustainability at scale.

Visit to see how packaging from virgin or recycled content can be used, reconditioned, reused and recycled to help business and the environment